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Choosing an Expert in 3D Photography for Your Business Website

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3D Photography is Best Solution for Your Business Site

Whether you are collecting 3D images as a hobby or as part of your online marketing campaign, selecting the right photographer is extremely important. If it is just a hobby you could try doing it on your own with the help of tips from the Internet; however, if you are looking for adding these images on your website for marketing your business, you need to be really choosy and find the best and most skilled 3D photographer to do the job for you. Besides, 3D photography is a lot different from its conventional counterpart and requires a whole different skill set.

3d photography - Product photography

The importance that images have when it comes to displaying your products on a website is no less significant. They have the power to make or break your business and influence the purchase decision of a customer. In other words, product images can determine the conversion rate of your website and 3D photography can have a stronger impact as they make the images more real than the ordinary ones do.

With so much at stake, it is only natural that you need to think a lot before finalising an expert for the 3D photography of your images. While trying to find an answer to "how can I find a good 3D photographer for my website" there are several factors that you need to consider. Here are a few of them that could help you in short listing the photographers:


Technical expertise

3D photography involves a lot more technical knowledge and equipment than conventional photography. It is important, therefore, to make sure that your photographer has the technical knowledge and expertise to know how to create images that are close to real and thus convince the customers to buy it. Also, it is not enough that he knows about these technical details but he also has to have marketing sense about highlighting a product in the right way and making it worthy of being displayed.



Just as in any other job, experience matters a lot in 3 D photography, for though a photographer might know the tools to use and the ways in which they should be used, it is not necessary that he knows how to use them in the most effective way to bring optimum results, in this case more customers and more conversions. That knowledge comes from years of experience in and familiarity with commercial 3D photography.


Track record

The track record of a company that provides 3D photography services can be checked by going through their website and social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most companies would have the testimonials of their previous customers on the home pages of their websites that you could check. You can also go through their portfolio and check the quality of the work they have done before. A portfolio is in fact a great source of information for you to get an idea of what you can expect when you choose a particular 3D photographer.



This is an aspect where you need to be really careful. Once you short list a few companies you could get in touch with them and find out more details regarding their services, mostly their charges, in particular. You have to be given clear ideas on when and how the payment should be done. You could actually have a talk with different companies to check the prices and do a comparative study before choosing an ideal photographer.


Needless to say, since the 3D images that you are getting for your business website are going to represent your store online, they have to be of high quality and appear close to what your customers could have, had your store been real. They should be functional without any bugs and technical flaws. Most of all, they need to highlight the best parts of your products in such a way that makes customers purchase from you right there.

Winbiz adds life to websites through colourful, bright and interactive 3D photography. The experts at Winbiz give your website visitors a unique experience through their skill in providing 360 degrees photography.

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